Licensing & Trademarks






What is a trademark license and what types of licenses are available?

A trademark license grants individuals, organizations or corporations authorization to produce commercial goods or services bearing University trademarks. There are three types of licenses available:

Who needs to obtain a license?

Anyone wishing to produce commercial goods or services bearing University trademarks must obtain a license to do so.

What are the requirements to obtain a license?

The University has established the following guidelines for all licensees:

What are the advantages of becoming licensed?

Licensees of Indiana University are authorized to produce products bearing University trademarks. Licensees may also advertise themselves as an "Officially Licensed Vendor of Indiana University".

What fees are associated with becoming licensed?

How do I become licensed?

To become licensed visit Download and complete the licensing application pertaining to the type of license you wish to acquire.

Mail completed documents, application fee, references, insurance and sample products to:

Indiana University Licensing and Trademarks
711 E. State Rd 45/46 Bypass,
Bloomington, IN 47408

All applications will be reviewed on the first and third Tuesday of each month by the Licensing and Trademarks Office.

Can I produce any type of product or service bearing a University trademark?

Licensees may only produce the products identified on their Agreement. The Licensing and Trademarks Office manages what products a licensee is allowed to produce.

What products cannot be licensed?

Indiana University will not approve the use of its trademarks in conjunction with certain types of products. These include, but are not limited to:

Who can use the University Seal?

The IU Seal is reserved for Trustee, Presidential, ceremonial, or commemorative use. It is not designed for use on commercial or promotional products. Use of the seal on commercial or promotional products must be approved through the Office of Licensing and Trademarks.

How can I tell if the product I am purchasing is licensed?

Look for the holographic red and blue CLP label, which denotes an Officially Licensed Indiana University Product.

How do I submit art for review?

Licensees should submit art through IU's online art submittal site, or email designs to

When do I use a ™ and when do I use a ®?

The use of a ™ or ® depends upon the product on which the trademark will be used. Please contact the Office of Licensing and Trademarks for up-to-date instructions on the proper use of legal notices.

What are Indiana University's official school colors?

Please refer to the Licensing and Trademarks Styleguides.