Collegiate Licensed Properties Association

Dear Licensees,

Effective July 1st, the Collegiate Licensed Properties Association (CLPA) is changing its authentication sticker/label/hangtag authentication vendor from OpSec to Brand Comply. Any orders for labels following the July 1, 2020 should be placed with Brand Comply. Below you will find the answers to most questions they you may have with the transition.

Please review the following FAQs:

No. The requirement to display a CLPA label/sticker on all Indiana University licensed products is still required, but the vendor from which licensees purchase these labels is changing from OpSec to Brand Comply.

No. Any new label order placed after July 1, 2020 will need to be made through Brand Comply. Licensees should continue to use any remaining CLPA stickers/labels they may have on hand until that supply is depleted, even if that stretches into late 2020 and beyond.

The existing website will still be operational under the new vendor and you may go there to place any new label orders. Pricing on stickers/labels will be comparable to what OpSec was offering licensees. Note that Brand Comply has plans to redesign the webpage by July 1. As of today, the site still shows OpSec’s contact information, however this will change.

The new CLPA design as offered by Brand Comply will have a refreshed look but will also utilize design elements from the existing design. Brand Comply plans to offer a 1.5 x .875-inch sticker and a 1.375 x 4-inch hangtag.

OpSec does have some remaining label inventory and is offering incentives to existing licensees to help them deplete their supply by purchasing more labels.  Please reach out to OpSec Security directly to see what incentives they may be offering if you are interested.  The CLPA schools agree that if this option is explored, we will permit licensees to take as much time as they need to sell-through remaining OpSec labels.

Please visit the website for the most current information about this transition. 

Thank you all for your partnership with Indiana University. 

The Collegiate Licensed Properties Association (CLPA) is a non-profit organization made up of colleges and universities who manage their licensing programs. Brand Comply assists these universities with the CLPA Authentication Program, a program designed to protect university brands from the production and sale of counterfeit merchandise.